Path To Globalization

In the ever changing world economy, successful globalization is not achieved by simple formula. Rather, there is a path with predictably challenging steps along the way. Each looks formidable; all can be overcome.

Our experience tells us that most companies are standing on one of the following steps towards successful globalization:

Facing the Great Unknown: Company leadership acknowledges the need to expand globally but simply is not confident about the "where & how."

  • The TPMP Solution: Provide market analysis and discovery services leading to identification and validation of high impact partnership opportunities.

Ready to Exit: Your Company took the first big step, but divergent partnership priorities portend an early retreat.

  • The TPMP Solution: Matching & development activities leading to new/ functioning partnerships which are subsequently monitored and supported by experienced “in-country” executives serving as an extension of your leadership team.

Stalled and Frustrated: Your Company has a good working partnership, but progress is slow and needs to be accelerated.

  • The TPMP Solution: On-the-spot problem solvers / business leaders with practical understanding of what causes ventures to stall and the necessary actions leading to profitability and growth.

Ready to Grow: A profitable presence has been established and the time for aggressive growth is at hand.

  • The TPMP Solution: Facilitations of a more productive relationship between you and your local partner leading to a shared vision for growth (get outside the current “operating” box)

The Next Big Step: Confidence is high and leadership is ready to expand regionally.

  • The TPMP Solution: Work closely with clients and partners to develop and execute regional growth strategies powered by sensitivity to commercial & operating realities country-by-country

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